The Golden Spruce: Final Project

May 24, 2017

For my final project for The Golden Spruce by John Vaillant, I created three pieces that incorporated words and symbols.

The first piece is a representation of Grant Hadwin’s natural skill for logging. The red colour on the blade of the axe represents the blood of the tree that was unknown to Hadwin at the time. Within the axe, the text shows quotes from the book about Hadwin’s extraordinary skill.
The second piece shows a needle, which represents the period of Hadwin’s life in which he was most likely struggling with a mental illness. Within the needle, I wrote phrases from the book that expressed Hadwin’s view on the logging industry after a turning point in his life. I expressed the overall view with one word, “destruction,” that has been written in the blue.
The third, and last, piece represents a tree stump, which represents the Golden Spruce after it was cut down by Hadwin. The text within the stump was written in a fridge magnet poem style and expresses the Hadwin’s rage towards the logging industry during this time. The first and last sentences are written in gold because of their relevance to one another, and how they can be read together, without the text in between.

Overall, I had a lot of fun creating these three pieces. I have always been more confident with my writing rather than my ability to draw, and so it was enjoyable to step out of my comfort zone through this project but also stay within it.

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